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We pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers first and following through on our promise to always deliver the absolute best results possible. Before we perform any service, we discuss our customers’ needs and match them with the correct service. We understand our customers’ expectation first, then deliver without disappointment.

We only work with the best materials available to help make your car look brand new. Reliable Detailing & Tint will never compromise quality for time and will always attempt to provide clients with realistic schedules and timelines to accommodate demanding schedules.

Window Tinting

Detailing Packages

Showroom Detail

This is for the vehicles that need a really good once over to bring it back to its original state.


3 to 5 hours

Our Showroom Detail Includes:

  • Detailed Vacuum
  • Clean and Dust All the Cracks and Cervices
  • Clean and Condition All Door Panels
  • Clean All Small Departments
  • Clean All Windows
  • Shampoo Treatment (Seats and Carpets)
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Exterior Wash
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Clean All Door Jambs
  • Clean Gas Cap
  • Clean Wheel Wells
  • Clean Inner and Outer Rim (Wheels)
  • Tire Shine Applied
  • Dress All Black Trim
  • High Quality 4 Month Sealant

Maintenance Detail

Ideal for maintaining a showroom detail.



Our Maintenance Detail Includes:

  • Clean and Dust All the Cracks and Cervices
  • Detailed Vacuum
  • Quick wipe down
  • Dust cracks and Cervices
  • Clean All Windows
  • Exterior Wash
  • Wheels Cleaned
  • Tire Shine Applied

Marine Detailing

Ultimate boat care is necessary for the longevity of your vessel.

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2 to 30 hours

Our Marine Detailing Includes:

  • Mold & Mildew Removed
  • Seats Cleaned
  • Non-Skid Cleaned
  • Hand Scrubbed & Floor Brushed
  • Storage Container Cleaned
  • 4 Month Sealant Applied (Interior & Exterior)
  • Light Exterior Polish to Remove Light Oxidation

Reliable Detailing offers more than a clean car!

We deliver a superior showroom clean for your car or boat as well as custom window tinting services for your car, home, or business.

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